Things You Need To Know

  • Local delivery has to be over £12
  • Other deliveries have to add up to over £12 and a £1 delivery charge will be added
  • You can call up to collect an order
  • Please stick to the menu and don’t ask for something that is not on the menu.


Step 1 : Choose Your Items

Look through our menu and decide what you would like.

Click Here To See The Menu

Step 2 : Make a list

Once you have decided make a list so you know what you want when you are on the phone make a note of the number of each item you would like.

Step 3 : Collection or Delivery

Make sure you know your phone number and either address for delivery or the time you want to collect your order for collection.

Step 4 : Call Us

Phone us on 020 8348 7888.

Step 5 : On The Phone

  • 1. First of all we will want to know if you are having a delivery or collection.
  • 2. Then we will want your phone number. (has to be a number we can contact you with incase there is a problem)
  • 3. Then we will want either your time of collection or your address for delivery.
  • 4. Then we will want your order please give us the numbers of each dish to help speed up the process.